For the past two decades I've been involved in various projects around beer. This page will feature current and future beer themed projects I'm involved in.

Franconian Breweries Quartett

Having visited Franconia on a regular basis since 2009, I decided to give something back to a region I love. Therefore I released a Quartett Card game twice the size as normal featuring 64 Franconian breweries.

The game is in German and released on the German market. It is built around 8 game categories

  • Foundation of the Brewery - Braurecht
  • Number of beers - Anzahl Biersorten
  • Annual output - Ausstoß
  • KM from the old town hall - Km vom Alten Rathaus
  • Strongest Beer - Stärktes Bier
  • Price for 0.5 L of beer - Seidla Preis
  • Indoor / Outdoor Seats - Sitzplätze Innen/Außen

In addition to the card game, there is a web site with information about the breweries, a map showing their location and an overview of dealers.

You can read more about the game here: