Brauerei Griess (Geisfeld)

May 20th, 2022 by Kim Lund Johansen

Just a short bike ride south of Bamberg, you will find Brauerei Griess in Geisfeld. Still family owned and traditional in every way since 1872. For the last three generations, it has been in the hands of the Griess family. Peter Griess, who took over the brewing in 1983, still only 19, was Germany’s youngest brewer at the time. His Ungespundetes unfiltered Kellerbier is brewed all year round and it is also found in Euro bottles. It is hoppy for the style with a firm, lingering bitterness. Bursting of flowers from the meadow and followed up by lemons and freshly cut grass. 4.7.

I have been lucky to visit Peter and drink his wonderful Kellerbier a handful of times. At my latest visit last month, Peter told me that the brewery had undergone subtle renovations with respect for the old system and it’s a beauty. Steel added where needed here and there and the new control panel is put on top of the old. In respect of what was.

The brewery is a two vessel system made of iron and the mash tun and boil kettle are hidden behind the tiled blue wall. They are accessable through the beautifull copper sliding doors and from behind you can also access them for cleaning. When standing there, the big panorama windows gives you a nice view from the brewery. From the streets anyone who is curious and passing by, can see a brewery in acton on a brew day. It is indeed a unique layout.

A new bottling line is also being installed and due to that, the annual Bockbieranstich might not happen this year. Still undecided though. Otherwise, they make a delicious unfiltered heller Bock before Christmas and the anstich is usually the last Saturday in November.

Peter’s son in law Fabian Skaggs has stepped in as an additional brewer. Focused on keeping things traditional, I’m sure things will continue in great order.

Earlier this year a local craftsman created a beatiful new limited steinkrug. Only 50 numbered were made. I was lucky to get my hand on one.

Griess runs a Gasthaus where you will often see Peter behind the bar or taking a round between the tables to take part in the various discussions going on. Great stuff. During summer you can also sit outside.

In addition to the Gasthaus, and just down the road, the charming Griess Keller is still in operation. Great for a summer evening for those endless nights. I, for one, cannot wait to revisit the Gasthaus and Keller in Geisfeld.

Brauerei Gries:

Gries Keller:

Hausbräu - a Franconian tradition

May 17th, 2022 by Kim Lund Johansen

Hausbräu - a Franconian tradition
 - Filling barrrels at Brauerei Eichhorn in Dörfleins
Hausbräu is young beer that is collected by “customers” in barrels or kegs. Often kept in the basement or another cool place of the collector, it then completes the fermentation and maturation. The tradition originally dates back to the 19th century when almost every farm still produced its own malt. The farmers supplied the barley to be malted and received - in addition to payment - the right to purchase part of the beer made from their barley at a lower price. Today, anyone can have the young Hausbräu beer filled into their own barrels or kegs at certain schedules.

Most breweries offer cleaning and sanitation service for a small price and if you haven’t got a barrel yet, they can also be bought at the brewery.

To my knowledge these breweries are still offering Hausbräu.

  • Brauerei Reh (Lohndorf)
  • Brauerei Roppelt (Stiebarlimbach)
  • Brauerei Büttner (Untegreuth)
  • Brauerei Eichhorn (Dörfleins)
  • Adler-Bräu (Steffeld)
  • Brauerei Zehendner (Mönchsambach)
  • Braierei Kaiser (Grassmansdorf)
  • Brauerei Först (Drügendorf)
  • Brauerei Trunk (Vierzehnheiligen)
  • Brauerei Hübner (Steinfeld)
  • Brauerei Rittmayer (Aisch)
  • Brauerei Zwanzger (Uehlfeld)
  • Brauerei Prechtel (Uehlfeld)
  • Brauerei Blauer Löwe (Höchstadt)
  • Zum Löwenbräu (Adelsdorf)
  • Brauerei Hartleb (Maroldsweisach)

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